Sunday, March 20, 2005

So this is what they call ..."Blogging"...

So I sat down at my computer and went, "Hey, I want a Blog." Why do I want a blog? I still have no clue. Do I really have something interesting to say? I would like to think so, but most would disagree with me. Furthermore, why use a "free-n-public-n-otherwisehosted" blog? I have my own website, why not put it there? Still, I don't know.

Likely, this will be "rantspace." A simple, anonymous way to go, "Hey, World! You stink!"

So, what in general, can you expect out of KnightErrant? Naught but commentary, good people. Commentary brought to you from a lens likely different then thy own: the perspective of a quaintly honorable young fella stuck in a neochivalristic mindset. And of course, Chivalry is dead and honor has no place in the modern world, so generally, I just get screwed.

Of course, that's just more fodder for my Blog!

So 'til the next time, rock on.


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